It has been more than 50 years since the world of Golarion was cut off from the gods by a mysterious pulse that ripped though the world. This pulse caused a great deal of confusion at first until its true intent was discovered then panic poured throughout the lands. This pulse had no seeming effect on divine magic granted by nature and the like just on that granted by the gods.

Along the same time whispers of an army of undead lead by a Litch Lord spreading across the lands and bringing a blight with it. It was said that whatever died within this blighted land would rise again to join the ranks of the undead. This immediate threat was halted, but not stopped, by a combined effort of all the nations of Golarion, but the danger is far from gone…

This is a campaign for 5th lvl characters.

Roll 3d6 drop lowest and add 6 to the total roll for stats you may reroll 1s.

Hero points will be used everyone starts out at 5 hero points which cannot increase past your lvl. Players will be given hero points for good role playing and other hidden methods.

Clerics, Paladins, Oracles, and Warpriests will not be available as playable classes. 

Players have a total of 6,000 gp starting off to buy items. 

Whispers from the Dark